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Monday, March 07, 2005

More Pains????

Starting through the night on Saturday I started having sharp pains on my right side. Sunday, they weren't as bad throughout the day but in the evening they got much worse - everytime I stood up, I got shooting pains through my right side - enough to leave me in tears. They seemed to get better again but when I woke up Monday morning - they were excruciating. I called the TeleHealth line again - she said that becasue the pain was so severe I should go to the ER as it may be one of my organs on the right side causing the disomfort. So Tim and I headed to Joseph Bran and spent 4 1/2 hours waiting for my blood and urine test results. Finally, they told me that it was my gallbladder causing the pain. It is common during pregnancy for the gallbladder to create thicker mucous which causes the pain as it is passing through. The DR. prescribed Tylenol 3's which seemed to help for the rest of the day - By Tuesday morning, the pains were replaced by a bit of discomfort but overall I felt 100% better.


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