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Monday, November 22, 2004

A bit of a scare...

Yesterday I started to notice I was having a bit of spotting. After some reading, I discovered that some spotting in early pregnancy is quite common...putting my mind at ease a bit. Later today, it started to get worse and I thuoght I'd better call the TeleHealth hotline just to be sure. After hearing my symptoms, she said she'd call a doctor and if he didn't call me back within 30 minutes, I should rush to the ER as I may be miscarrying...OMG...I was devastated. The doctor called back right away and told me that spotting is quite normal but to take a couple days off work to rest - just in case. I find it so amazing - we've only known about our little peanut for 4 days, but we love it so much already...I pray that everything will be alright.


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