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Friday, November 19, 2004

Spreading the News....

It was so hard for me to keep my excitement to myself today. Michelle had asked me if I had gotten my period yet and I told her that I wasn’t expecting it til Monday or Tuesday. Heather and I had a long talk about pregnancy today – boy, it was so hard to keep a straight face. Tim picked me up today to go to the doctor’s at 2:30 – we just had to get the requisition for the blood work but we’re 5 minutes to late as the clinics close at 3. So we decided to go ahead and tell our families and get the blood work done tomorrow.
How we told the family....
We went to Eastgate and bought the Cherished Teddies baby figurine…and a “bun” for Jenn. Stopped at Mom and Dad’s first…they were surprised to see us as they knew Tim was supposed to be in Winnipeg and I had my Christmas dinner to go to. We said that we were shopping and found something that they might like…Mom opened the box and it took her a minute to clue in…They both started to cry. Jenn came home a little while later and I handed her the bun (she told me that when I was pregnant to present her with a bun so she’d know I had a bun in the oven) She opened the bag and kind of looked at it weirdly, she went to take a bite and her eyes filled up with tears and she started to scream – by far the best reaction…was sooo cute – She is already planning little skater outfits for the baby – an AC/DC diaper shirt (yikes) Next stop, the Barnes’…by the time Brad got home, Grampa had arrived too. We gave Darlene the figurine, she had the same reaction…Brad said he had an idea as Tim had called him a couple times today. They were all very happy.
We rushed home to get ready for the dinner and headed out. I didn’t plan on telling everyone tonight…Cathy looked so happy so I said to her “I kind of lied to you today, I didn’t go to the DRs about my menstrual pains…I went because I am pregnant” She hugged me, like, 8 times and said she hoped I was going to tell everyone tonight. I saw Michelle go into the bathroom, so I followed her in – she asked me how my appointment went…I told her I was pregnant. Her eyes filled up and gave me a gigantic hug. She is so excited for me…we will soon be living walking distance away and will be on maternity leave together. I went back to the table and sat for a few minutes, then told everyone there (Trish, Tom, Heather, Katy and Jay) they all gave me huge hugs – and everyone at the other tables clued in and joined in on the hugging. I don’t know if telling everyone at 4 weeks is crazy….It was just so hard to keep it from everyone...especially as they have been very supportive of me - knowing that Tim and I were trying for 5 months.


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