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Thursday, November 18, 2004


This morning when I entered my BBT into the Fertility Friend online chart, I noticed my days past ovulation was a lot longer than usual – at first I just figured it was because I ovulated on day 13 rather than on the usual day 17 or 19. Just for fun, I decided to take the leftover pregnancy test from last time. I did the test and then proceeded to put on my makeup for work (about 8:10am). When I peeked at the test, I was amazed – 2 pink lines….I immediately started to cry and ran into our bedroom, where Tim was still asleep…"There are 2 pink lines, there are 2 pink lines” – Tim sat up thinking there was something wrong – I started to cry more and was shaking like a leaf…We hugged and sat and cuddled for a little before I left for work at 8:30…I really wanted to stay home today and celebrate but had an important day at work - I had a meeting my student’s teacher today and had to do her midterm. Boy, was it hard to keep in my excitement…. When I went home at lunch, Tim surprised me with the idea of staying home from Winnipeg (was going to visit Sean)…we were both so happy that he couldn’t bear to leave for the entire weekend. When I got home that night, we went for dinner and to also get a second test. The test came out again…POSITIVE. It’s almost surreal – I can’t even believe that I am pregnant…our parents are going to be sooo happy. I can’t wait to tell my mom and dad….and Auntie Jenn. It's kind of funny because this whole week, I had been so tired... falling asleep on the couch by 8:30…I figured I was coming down with something...maybe Mono again ;) But that explains it…I’m pregnant. We are so excited!


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