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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Ultrasound Take 2

We returned last night from our family trip to Las Vegas - Lots of fun but am glad to be home...busy week. Today, I had my second ultrasound. It was the same technician, and she remembered me. She was so sweet and made me feel very comfortable. She showed me the screen after a while and I saw a small black gestational sac with a grey fetus (which looked like a “blob”). The “blob” was flickering and that was the heartbeat, which she calculated at 145 beats per minute. My eyes got a bit teary when I saw the heart beating on the screen. I told her that Tim really wanted to come but was overwhelmed at work so she printed a picture out for him to see. I called him right away from a payphone to tell him she said everything seems great. He was so happy. I then told him I saw the heart beating, he started to cry and said “Our baby has a heart beat?” When he got home at about 9:30, I gave him the ultrasound picture – his eyes started to fill up...Even though the picture is of this tiny kidney shaped sac with a "blob" in it, we are so excited to know that it's our baby in there....


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