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Friday, April 22, 2005

Just Call me Fred Flintstone!

Starting the week of April 14th - my feet have become insanely swollen. The weather had been warm and the tops of my feet and ankles were so swollen it looked as though I didn't have toes - I know, how gross! I saw the doctor yesterday and he is concerned with my swelling and blood pressure and would like me to consider leaving work earlier than planned. I think June 3rd may be my last day instead of June 30th. I think I could handle the swelling - it's the pain that goes along with it. Becasue the skin is so stretched - it's causing them to hurt quite a bit. I'm worried because I still have 14 weeks to go.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Is There an Alien in my Tummy?

On April 4th, I saw my tummy move for the first time - The baby was doing an awful lot of kickng and it caused the skin on my tummy to move. It was the neatest thing to see - although a bit creepy too. Tim saw the movement on April yesterday.

Today was the first time that Tim felt the baby move. The baby was moving so much and I was sure he would be able to feel it. He sat with his hand on my belly for a few minutes. I could feel lots of movement - finally, he said "WHAT WAS THAT???" - I told him "that was our baby!" It was so exciting.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

More meducal stuff....

On March 31st I had my monthly appointment with Dr. Damji - he is concerned as my blood pressure was quite higher than usual. I have to return next week for a check-up.

(FYI: Female Information)
This morning, I noticed I was leaking some watery fluid - I was a bit concerned as I wasn't sure if it was amniotic fluid. Tim and I went over to the clinic where the DR said some leakage is normal in the second trimester as the baby is getting bigger. He checked the heartbeat - which we were able to hear for the first time...It was 154 beats per minute and then it spiked up to 162 - The DR said it didn't like where the microphone was. We had been waiting to long ti hear the heartbeat - It was awesome :)