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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Been a while since my last post...

Well - it's been a while since my last posting...A lot has happened over the past month or so. At the beginning of June, I saw my OB who expressed some concern over my high blood pressure. It was 140/90 and she was worried about my feet being so swollen. I have to stay off my feet as much as possible...it's been hard as Tim hurt his foot pretty badly on May 25th and is in a cast. Also, I've been diagnosed with gestational diabetes - which hasn't been too bad. I have to monitor my carb intake. Having gestational diabetes can cause overly large babies - which may be why my belly has been measuring quite large...It started when I was 31 weeks and I measure like I was 34 weeks...the next week I measure like I was 36 weeks...over the last few weeks I've measure large - but at my appointment today - I measured at 40 weeks...and I'm only 35 and 5 days. Last week, my OB sent me for a biophysical ultrasound and non-stress test. The baby scored 8/8 meaning it is healthy BUT it is already big...between 6lbs 10oz and 7lbs 10oz. So, when I do deliver - we may have a 9-10lb baby on our hands (LOL). My obstetrician told me today that they are going to monitor me until next week - where she will check my cervix and then induce me between 38-39 weeks...they do not want the baby to become too large. I am starting to feel quite anxious and nervous - Are we ready? I've been doing a lot of shopping and hope that we have everything that we could possible need for when the baby arrives....so - if it takes me as long as it did this time to post - the next time I may have a baby to introduce you to....


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